Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Visit with the lactation consultant

Today I went to see a lactation consultant at El Camino Hospital. Nolan is getting better at latching each day, but I thought it would be helpful to see a lactation consultant in order to find techniques to get Nolan to latch faster. Sometimes Nolan will latch on with no difficulty...other times, he takes numerous tries to get him on. This can be especially difficult (and most common) during his midnight feedings!

I saw a lactation consulting nurse named Elaine O'Neill, who was pretty helpful. Of course, Nolan latched on immediately with no issues when we were there (figures!), and she seemed to think that overall the technique was good. But then why am I still having some difficulties???

Elaine said that it can take 4-6 weeks for some babies to get efficient at latching, so that may be the issue - but I am hopeful that it will get better in the coming weeks! She also showed me other positions/techniques to try, such as the "upright football hold" (side hold where the baby is sitting upright) and "belly to belly"(where the baby is laying on your stomach, and should generally crawl themselves to the boob).

I addition, she gave me helpful information about feeding/pumping in general. At $156/hour (luckily paid by insurance), I really hope I see some significant improvement soon!

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