Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's a........BOY!!!

Today Francis, my mom, and I went to the doctor appointment that we've all been anxiously waiting for - the 18 week ultrasound. Yay, we will finally know the sex of our baby!!
We were so incredibly eager to find out the sex of our little monkey, that I even tried to get the appointment moved up a couple times (if you haven't figured it out yet, patience is not one of my many qualities :) I called the office a week or so before to see if they had any cancellations or openings...nothing. Then called again around 5 days before...nada. Dammit, we had to wait to our 5/20 appointment! I couldn't take it!
Finally the day arrived and I sat anxiously in the seat waiting for my ultrasound. The ultrasound tech moved the little wand around on my belly....a hand, good....abdomen, good.....leg, good....and OH MY GOD, I SAW A PENIS! I immediately squealed: I saw a penis! The ultrasound tech said: yup, you've definitely got a boy! So there it is - Francis and I are having a SON!
We are so excited for our little man to arrive! And I know that Robert and Connor will have a blast with our little man, as well!!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

17 weeks - Boxing match with Baby?

For the past couple of days, my ribs are sooo sore - like someone has taken some really hard jabs at me! Taking deep breaths can be painful, and sleeping is obviously not the best, either.
What the hell?? I thought the uncomfortable pregnancy stage didn't start until your 3rd trimester. I am only 17 weeks today, and I am already experiencing this discomfort??

I went for my routine doctor appointment with Dr. Sahai - I told her about my sore ribs, and her response was: "well, it's only going to get worse". Apparently, my uterus is pushing my organs up into my chest. Awesome.
The upside: I got to hear my baby's heartbeat :) After I hear that little thump thump sound, all my worry and anxiety seem to subside. I'm elated!
Given that I tend to be a worrier, I am always freaked that something I did damaged the baby (i.e. waking up on my that suffocating my baby?? My 6 month old nephew kicked me in the my baby still okay??) Hearing my baby's heartbeat is gives me a moment of peace - it's incredible!

Oh, and another cool thing: up until this point, my preggy belly barely showed. But within the past 3 days, it suddenly has made some real progress. Francis says I've "popped". Everyday after work, Francis hugs me; until now, he's only felt a slight difference in my belly. But in the last 3 days, he apparently can feel a noticeable difference. So we decided to take a profile picture of my belly - yup, I'm starting to look pregnant!

Now comes the countdown: 8 days until we find out the sex of the baby!! I am almost tempted to go to the 3D imaging center to get an early peek - I'm not sure I can wait 8 days!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

16 Weeks Pregnant

Here's a nice view of my belly at 16 weeks pregnant! A clear pooge there!