Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 7: Nolan's 1st doctor appointment

Today was Nolan's first doctor appointment. This would be our FIRST day out of the house since we brought Nolan home, and that coupled with our lack of sleep, it was a frantic morning.
We needed to get Nolan fed, get ourselves showered, quickly eat some sort of breakfast, feed Nolan again, pack up his diaper bag, and then pack ourselves into the car. Getting out of the house in the morning has never been this hard and required so much preparation/coordination!

We had our list of questions ready for Dr. Fazilat, who didn't seem fazed at all by my list of paranoid new parent questions. Nolan then got weighed and checked out.
By day 7, Nolan was almost back at his birth weight (of 7 lbs 3 oz), and Dr. Fazilat expected him to be back at his birth weight by the next day. Since the goal is to have a baby back at their birth weight by 2 weeks, I was ecstatic that he would be there by around day 8! Yay for my little eater!!!!

After the appointment, Francis & I were ambitious enough to go out for lunch. We headed over to Panera Bread for some delicious sandwiches. Wow, it felt GREAT to be out again - sunshine felt so good!!

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