Monday, November 15, 2010

Maybe I spoke too soon...

So maybe I spoke too soon with the whole "sleep" post.
Today I am so completely exhausted! Nolan barely slept at all last night - we filled his tummy with tons of milk, which generally works to knock him out for a few hours...but not last night! He was WIDE AWAKE most of the night!

Francis was getting so frustrated, and I just felt my tears starting to well up from exhaustion.
What are you supposed to do? Should I continually wake Nolan up during the day in order to get him to sleep at night? It seems a bit cruel, but maybe that's what we need to do.

The problem with parenting in the "google age" is that all your parenting questions can be easily googled, however you end up with 2 billion answers to your parenting questions. Which one is right?? Just 10 years ago, you ask you pediatrician all your questions, and you can really rely on that. But with google so accessible, you can't help but to go to the internet for your parenting queries! You end up more confused with way too many answers :(

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  1. Try not to get too worked up over what you read online, nor get too worked up over "doing things right". Instead, do what FEELS right, is my advice. Parenting should come naturally and whatever you think will work FOR YOU and FOR HIM, is what you should do. Screw the books and websites that say you must absolutely do XYZ or else you are a horrible parent. Sometimes, what works one day, will not work the next. Just do what you can to get through day by day, night by night. Eventually (and, remember, NOT overnight!), you will get into a rhythm and routine that works right for you, Francis and Nolan. :) *hugs*