Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 14: Sleep!

After crying to Jenn's mom (Bev), she helped assure me that we need to try whatever technique get's us some sleep. If that meant just bottle feeding at night, we needed to do that.

So that night, Francis took the first late night feeding (around 1 am), while I pumped, then went back to bed. I took the 2nd late night feeding (around 4:30am) using a bottle again, then pumped.
It seems that when Nolan is super hungry, especially after a long stretch of sleep, he is so desperate for milk, that getting him to latch can be EXTREMELY difficult. So just bottle feeding in the middle of the night seems to work best.

So this night, I got two sleep chunks of 3 hours + around 2 hours in the morning. God it feels good to have some sleep!! I have not shed one tear today! What a difference a little sleep makes!!

I think we'll try this technique again tonight! Cheers to my little man, Nolan, for being a sleep champ!!

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