Tuesday, November 23, 2010

1 Gallon of breastmilk frozen!

As of today, I have ~1 gallon of frozen breast milk! Well, technically I have 126 oz (not 128 oz), but close enough! I thought that a gallon would be next to impossible after only ~3 weeks, but apparently not. I am able to pump ~2 oz of milk after feeding Nolan, or 2-3 oz if I have not just breastfed. I thought I was not making enough milk (I felt deficient after hearing some freaks of nature *cough, Jenn* were able to pump 10 oz), but the lactation consultant said that 2-3 oz is the normal range.

I have been pumping a couple times during the day after a feeding + 1 pump during the night (the night pump is to replace 1 breastfeeding, as Francis takes 1 feeding during the night so that I can get a bit more rest. It's 10 minutes of pumping vs. sometimes an hour to breastfeed - that time is crucial to my sanity!)

I think I will start to chill out on my pumping, however, as one of the lactation consultants recommended that I not try to build up reserves until ~8-9 weeks before starting back to work. Plus, it will help my breast milk supply better match Nolan's needs and avoid engorgement.

I never thought I would be excited by such an odd milestone, but I guess things change once you have a kid!!

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