Friday, June 10, 2016

My tired babies


Teacher thank you gifts

Here the are end-of-the-year teacher thank you gifts, which say "We need s'more teachers like you!"
There was also present, pitched in by the whole class, given to Nolan's teacher, Ms. Amyx.

Beautiful Elsa

I think totally pulls this Elsa look off!

Ice cream monster!

Nolan's last day of TK

Wow, time flies!!!! I can't believe Nolan finished his first year at school - it honestly feels like his first day was just a few weeks ago!
And...yea...umm...don't mind the picture - this was the best I could get since he was in a funk this morning :€

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Alexa's new guitar

Nana couldn't resist getting Alexa her very own Alexa-sized guitar.
After Alexa loved playing with her daddy's guitar but mentioned it was too big, Nana got her just-right-sized! She loves it!

Alexa's first report card!

Alexa received her first report card/progress report today. Overall, excellent report card!! We just need to work on her scissor skills :)

And I definitely agree with her teacher, "Alexa is a very smart girl..." :)

Proud mama!