Friday, January 28, 2011

Laughing Fool!

For the past couple weeks, Nolan has been giving us little giggles. Those itself are quite amazing to an overly doting mother like myself.
But today, while I took a shower, my mom played with our little Nolan man. As I came down the stairs after my shower, I hear Nolan heartily LAUGHING!! Not giggling, but a hearty bottom-of-the-belly laugh! Ummm, again, I missed one of Nolan's first!!!! My mom was able to get Nolan's first smile, and now she was able to get his first laugh! At least I was there to hear it shortly after, but kind of breaks my heart a bit that I wasn't able to induce his first laugh myself. I guess my mom is just some kind of "baby whisperer".
From that point on, Nolan has been a laughin' fool! It's like he finally found that little laugh at the bottom of his gut, and now loves to show it off!

I don't know if there's many things better than a baby's laugh!

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