Thursday, January 20, 2011

3 months old!

I can't believe that 3 months have passed. It's really exciting, but it is kind of heartbreaking at the same time. Firstly, I really don't want to see my beautiful little baby grow so thing you'll know he'll be flipping me off and telling me to leave him alone . Secondly, ever day that passes is just one day closer that I have to go back to work and leave my little guy.
I am honestly stressed and heartbroken that I will have to leave him for 8 hours a day - I am already having panic attacks about it. How can I possibly leave him all day?? I miss him even when I put him in bed at night. No joke: I stare at pictures of Nolan at night after I put him to bed.

So what's been happening with Nolan at 3 months? Besides the occasional fussiness while breastfeeding (I produce more than enough for him, but I think he's a bit disappointed in the flow of my milk...sorry kid, you'll have to learn to deal!), he is truly an incredible baby!
For the most part, he is a pretty happy baby as long as he's fed. He LOVES to talk and really tries to imitate what you're saying - when you say "oh" or "ah", he'll make an "oh" or "ah" sound; when you say "hi" in a higher pitch, he'll make a higher pitch "i" sound. Maybe that's normal, but I think it's pretty amazing for a 3 month old!
Oh, another awesome thing! About a week ago, Nolan started giving us little laughs. They aren't the big belly laughs yet, but they little chuckles. Can *almost* make you forget about your exhaustion from only snippets of real sleep at night.

You ask how I'm sleeping now? We've had a couple nights where he's slept 5 hrs straight, but for the most part he does ~4 hour chunk, then two 3 hour chunks (8:30pm to around 12:30am, then awake again at 4:30am, then awake again at 7:30am). I still can't wait until he's sleeping through the night; there are days that I am so exhausted that I dont even get out of my pajamas. Please tell me I will get some real sleep soon - I would cheerfully take 6 hours of straight sleep at this point!

But in all honestly, he is such a sweet, beautiful baby. I could not ask for more. I feel truly lucky to have this little man. I just hope he stays adorable in adulthood, and loves me as much as he does now :)

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