Sunday, November 17, 2013

Alexa's taking steps on her own!!

On Saturday, Alexa just started taking steps on her own (without any prompting from us)!!

She has been able to take several steps (usually around 7) if we would stand a short distance from her and call her over to us (she required a bit of encouragement). She had the skills, but wasn't so sure of herself, I guess.

But Saturday morning, as we were making breakfast in the kitchen, she just started wailing across the kitchen! Then all weekend, she continued to walk around the house short distances (like halfway across the room) without prompting.

What's funny is Alexa took her first steps about a month earlier than Nolan - but Nolan started fully walking about a week or two after taking his first steps. I think Alexa's been "practicing" for this around 6 weeks!

Either way, we're ready to run with you, Alexa, when *you* feel ready! We're proud of you!!

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