Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Alexa's new bear

Alexa has always loved Nolan's "Doo Doo bear" and would often take Doo Doo when Nolan set him down for a moment. As Nolan is VERY attached to his bear, he didn't always want to let Alexa hold Doo Doo.

So Francis decided to get Alexa her own bear, and picked out a "sister" to Doo Doo Bear, which looked very similar but in an ivory color.

She immediately pulled that bear to her and snuggled her face into the chest of the bear. She LOVED it!
What was even cuter: when Nolan gave Alexa his bear to hold so that he could check out her new bear, Alexa pushed his bear away and held *her* bear closely. Love.

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