Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentines Lunch!

Having a 3 month old makes it hard to have a night out, seeing as how I'm the only one she allows to put her to bed.

Alexa barely lets others feed her, so Francis & I were lucky to get a lunch date out today.

My mom watches Alexa, and Jenn watched Nolan while Francis & I went out to Enoteca La Storia Wine Bar for some delicious wine and grub. We started up with wine (of course!), then shared a crostini caprese salad, a 6 cheese platter (AMAZING! Especially the Burrata cheese!), then a ham & cheese panini, then THE FREAKIN' FABULOUS mascarpone gelato with Olive Oil and sea salt!

We were feeling fat and happy after that meal! And it was do nice to FINALLY go on DATE with my husband!

Mwah! Happy Valentines, My love!

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