Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Are you ok?"

Nolan and I were playing in the backyard, but then Alexa started crying (almost always to be fed ;). So I went inside to feed her and let Nolan continue to play. I was able to see him playing through the window, but then he disappeared from view.
So I hollered, "Nolan, are you ok?"

He then pops up (apparently from chalk painting on the ground), and says "I ok, mama!"

Then every couple minutes, he would run to the door and say, "are you ok, mama?" I would respond, "I'm ok. Are you ok, Nolan?" And we would again respond, "i ok, mama!"

This happened around 8-10 times and just had me laughing after a while. That adorable face peeking through the sliding door asking if *I* am ok...my heart melts :)

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