Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Alexa's 1st doctor appointment & Nolan's 2yr check up

Yesterday, we took both Nolan and Alexa for their doctor appointments - Alexa for her FIRST appointment, and Nolan for his 2 year check-up. I guess that's an upside of having their birthdays so close - you can combine appointments for different milestone doc appointments :)

Alexa, being the chow-hound she is, already surpassed her birth weight in just 5 days! So Dr. Fazilat said she was dong beautifully and could skip the 2 week appt and just go to the 1 month appt.

Nolan is also doing fabulously. Despite him not eating much (my big concern!) his weight gain is right in line (weight = 27 lbs, 44 percentile) and had a BIG growth spurt in height (height = 34.75 inches, 61 percentile. He had fallen to 15 percentile at his 18 mo appt, which concerned me because he had always been around 50th). Also, his general mental development appears to be excellent. Yay!!!

Happy Mommy :)

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