Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sprained Toe

As you can see from the pic, my right toe next to the big toe is all swollen (red, too, but that's from the ice pack).  
As I was coming down the stairs holding Nolan, I stepped incorrectly and horribly bent my toes.  Scared that I would drop or hurt Nolan, I threw myself onto my back.  I heard a loud crack, then Nolan started screaming!
I was horrified!  Did Nolan hit is head?  Did I crush his hand or something??

As I pulled myself up, I quickly examined Nolan's head and body.  No read marks or anything.  I watched him move his hands and legs; all seemed to be okay.  Then I realized my hair clip was sitting on the step, snapped in half...hence the large cracking noise.  Oh, yea, and my foot was THROBBING.

I carefully went down the stairs, put Nolan down and sat down on the floor.  Nolan was still pretty scared and just wanted me to hug and hold him.  

I was pretty scared, too.  I needed that hug.

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