Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years in Seattle

Francis and I were originally planning a trip to Vegas around New Years. Kind of a anniversary trip, slash need-to-get-away-anywhere-trip. But then there was the issues of who would watch Nolan for a couple nights, yada yada yada.

Then we learn that my mom is going to Seattle for New Years. So our brains started churning a bit. Hmmm, Seattle is 1) a quick flight (good with youngens!), 2) we love the city of Seattle, and 3) my mom said she would love to watch Nolan one of the nights up there so that we can have an anniversary dinner out. DONE. WE'RE GOING TO SEATTLE.

So on Thursday, Dec 29th we flew up to Seattle. And, as always, I brought the sunshine to Seattle. It was clear and gorgeous the entire 4.5 days we were there!!!!

Each day we tried a new brewery pub (Francis's idea), which was really quite fun. I think my Aunt Nadine is now a brew pub disciple. She was raving about how great each of the pubs were. "Great beer, great food, and great looking men!" Apparently, that will be her new spot on Saturday nights to meet the handsome men of Seattle :)

On NYE, we watched the firework displays spewing from the Space Needle...from my aunt's family room window! It was a little blocked by a tree, but still had a decent view.

Overall, a really great trip.

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