Sunday, October 2, 2011

Visiting Portland

Francis & I decided that we should take a mini-vacation/long-weekend away somewhere. Our main criteria was: short flight. This was our test to see if we could fly/vacation with Nolan without complete and utter chaos.

Result: Awesome! Nolan did incredible on the plane (although he didn't even sleep a minute), but he was happy and playful. And for Portland, what an incredible city. So green, clean, lush, and just beautiful in general. We walked all around downtown, visited multiple pubs (surprised?), and even drove around all the neighborhood of downtown. I could easily live in that city!

(oh, and top it off, we "met" Steven Tyler. He was staying in our hotel, even on the same floor! He waved at Nolan and said "hi". Nolan wasn't too impressed.)

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