Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nolan's 1st Birthday Celebration

I have always imagined that my baby's 1st birthday would be some huge/crazy event. And since Nolan was lucky enough to have 3 friends born within a week of him (even one on the same DAY), the 3 moms and I planned on a GINORMOUS birthday for the 4 birthday babies.
This, we felt, would be fun for all of us to do together, plus all of our mutual friends would really appreciate not having to go to 4 separate baby birthdays :)

So the planning begun. And the issues begun. "Where are we going to do it?....Well, if we do it outdoors, what if it rains? We need to have an indoor location at backup..... Well, maybe we should just have it indoors?..." But As we began to put the guest list together, it just seemed to get bigger and bigger; 4 birthday babies + 4 families + friends of 4 families + families of 4 families. Oy. What indoor location can accommodate that many people? And how can we manage that many people/children??

So we finally decided to keep it simple. The main things we all wanted: the 4 kids together for a birthday celebration and, of course, the kids in their adorable Halloween costumes. So we decided to just do a "Halloween Pics at the Pumpkin Patch" event and then just each of our family celebrations.

There it is. Simple. Easy.

So on Friday, Nolan's birthday, I stayed home from work to hang out with him. Oh, and do some delicious baking! So all day, my mom and I played with Nolan, made cupcakes (delicious pumpkin spice cupcakes with caramel buttercream frosting) for the pumpkin patch event AND a cake (an amazing banana cake with cream cheese/banana frosting) for his family party.
It was so much fun! I love being domestic sometimes! (I said *sometimes*)

On Saturday, we did our big family event at Sonoma Chicken Coup. It included my mom, grandma, Jarrod, Jenn, Robert, Connor, Francis' mom, and Francis' stepdad. It was a really great time, delicious food, and AMAZING cake (if I must say so myself).

Here are some pics from his family party:

More pics at:

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