Thursday, June 24, 2010

Francis felt a kick!

So for the past week and half or so, I've been not only feeling his kicks internally, but I've been able to feel him kick by simply placing my hand on my belly! I have been incredibly amazed by how powerful his kicks/movements have been. There have been some serious THUDS against my hand! What is the 10 inch creature doing in my belly?
This whole time, I would try to get Francis to feel little man's kicks, too. As soon as I would feel him moving, I would place Francis' hand on my belly. However, every time I did this, little man would stop moving! Is he shy, or is just messing with daddy?
But last night in bed, Francis got his chance. I felt some really large kicks, so I quickly put Francis' hand on my belly. We waited a minute or so and....woohoo! A nice little kick for daddy to feel!!

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