Friday, June 4, 2010

I felt a nudge!

I've been waiting and waiting to feel my little man move - to really make this pregnancy feel real. It's all been so surreal so far. Yes, I have what appears to be a beer gut. Yes, I know I've seen the little guy moving around and waving at me on an ultrasound. But, it still doesn't quite seem real until you feel this little creature moving around inside of you.
Around 18 weeks I thought I felt something, but wasn't exactly sure. It could have been some movement in my bowels, really. But at around 19 weeks, i felt a few unmistakable nudges!
People told me it would feel like butterflies - but it didn't feel like that at all for me. It just really felt like the lightest tap of finger on my abdomen, but from the inside.
What an incredible feeling - it all is starting to feel so real now. But what is really incredible about it: it's reassurance everyday that he's doing well in there. I really get a feeling of peace when I feel little man playing around in my uterus :)

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