Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mommy & Alexa Day

Alexa and I had our Mommy & Alexa Day today. On Monday when I was trying to get Alexa ready for school, she was really upset and wanted to stay home with me all day. She then said, with tears in her eyes, "We haven't had a mommy and Alexa day in so long!"
How do you turn that face down? You don't. So I took the day off today, and Alexa got what we did all day.
First, she wanted to have a pink sprinkle donut (her very first donut ever today!) She wanted her big brother there for that part, so he joined for donuts before going to his summer camp for the day.
Second, she wanted to play at the park, so we played on the Farnham playground for a couple hours.
Third, she wanted to take a walk around our her stroller.
Fourth, she let me do a quick return, then we went to Party City to pick a toy (she chose a lipgloss in a heart case attached to a necklace.)
Fifth, she was tired and wanted to watch a movie in her bed....where she quickly fell asleep.

It was a good day!

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