Monday, August 8, 2016

Dentist time!

We took Nolan and Alexa to the dentist today, right after swim class. Alexa was so excited; Nolan, not so much.

I, therefore, expected Alexa's appointment to be a breeze and Nolan's to be a bit more challenging. But the opposite happened.
Alexa was all good, until the dentist put instruments in her mouth, then got super upset. We then let her stop, and just watch Nolan (in the other room ) get his teeth cleaned. After that (and a bribe of a bracelet from the dentist), Alexa let her clean her teeth. And you won't believe what sweet dr. Tanzil gave Alexa - a beautiful jade bracelet!!

Unfortunately I don't have pics of Nolan (since Francis was in the room with him), but got some cute pics of Alexa. I like her badass Terminator look in the 2nd pic ;)

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