Friday, March 11, 2016

Nolan's double-digit addition/subtraction?

Nolan can already do double-digit addition!

Alexa has a "poo poo chart" to track he times she poops on the toilet - when she gets to 40, she gets a "poo poo parade". (This whole fabulous poo party was thought up by Nolan. He makes me giggle)

Anyway, i was saying how she now has 20 stamps on her poo chart. And Nolan says, "great job, Alexa, now you just need 20 more!"

I said, "wow, Nolan, that's really good math! Did you learn to add big numbers at school already?"
He said, "no, I just think about it."

I then proceed to ask him several double digit addition problems like 20+30 and 20+40. He answered those correctly without even skipping a beat!

Wow, that kid. Only in TK and impressing the hell out of me!

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