Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nolan QOTD - 5/2/13

Quotes from Nolan, during our drive home today. This kid cracks me up.

Quote 1:
N: "I want to watch the Color Crew show!"
Me: "Sorry, I don't think we have it recorded." (my little lie, trying to avoid seeing that annoying show again)
N: "Then just put it on the Apple TV!"

Ugh, he bested me on that one.

Quote 2:
As we drive past a hardware store....
N: "I want to go to Home Depot, Mama!"

Sweet, maybe we can make him a home improvement guru like his daddy! Cheap labor!

Quote 3:
While listening to music in the car...
N: "I don't like this song, mama! You need to pause it!"
Me: "Well, I like this song and would like to listen to it."
N: "No, you need to pause it."

Man, already getting harassed about my music! I thought that didn't happen until they were teenagers??

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