Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Baby needs chocolate milk"

If you've been around Nolan enough, you know that he refers to any milk as "chocolate milk" (sounds more like "choc-ate melk" in his vernacular). This started around 6 months ago because his cousin Connor always asked for chocolate milk, so Nolan started asking for the same. However, as he had no idea what it really was, we continued giving him regular milk (but called it chocolate milk). He was happy, and we were pleased he was still content with regular milk :)

Anyway....today, we were struggling to feed Alexa via bottle, but she is steadfastly sticking to the boob. So after a long battle and lots of fussing, I gave up for a bit and let her play. Nolan then grabbed the bottle, laid down with her, put the bottle in her mouth and said, "Baby needs choc-ate melk!" What's crazy is that she actually took a few sips!

He is such an amazing bug brother! I hope that continues!!

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