Friday, August 24, 2012

Sleeping in his Big Boy Bed

One week ago, we finally decided to transition Nolan over to his "big boy bed".  We bought Nolan the bunk bed about a month ago, knowing that we wanted to give him at least 2 months to transition over to the new bed before his baby sister arrived.

After a few weeks of just him getting used to the beds (we would sit/play on the bed, read books in the bed, etc), we decided it was time to actually have him trying to actually sleep in them.

The first night, I read to him for 20 minutes or so, then I laid with him in the bed for 30 minutes or so before leaving the room.  He cried for a few minutes, then went to sleep!  He woke up at about 2am, so I laid with him for a 30 minutes, then went back to my room.

Then nights 2-7, I just read him books for bit, laid with him for around 10 minutes, then left.  He's been a total champ and appears to LOVE sleeping in his new beds!!!!  He even gets excited when I say that we should go upstairs for bedtime - I tell him we'll go read books in his big boy bed, and he makes a b-line to his room!!

Thank god - it's been much easier than I anticipated.  I really hope he keeps up the great work!!

(and a thank you to Jarrod & Jenn:  having the turtle night light in his bed has been a huge help;  he won't go to sleep without putting "turto on")

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