Friday, April 1, 2011

Back to Work (the other "work", that is)

Today is my first day back to work...well, the office job, that is. Although being on maternity leave is still work (it wasn't all just Oprah and bon-bons, folks!), I had such an incredible time. Those 6 months flew by!!!!

Honestly, the first 2 months were REALLY difficult - no sleep, lots of crying (both baby and me), figuring out the breastfeeding thing, and just general life adjustment. But for the last last few months, things just got easier each day, and Nolan just becomes more fun as each day passes! That's why it is even more heartbreaking - right when they are so much fun, you have to return to work! No more lunches with my mommy crew at Santana row, or walks along the Campbell trail, or shopping in downtown Campbell....

I will play it by ear for a couple months. I may just be a stay-at-home mom if being a working-mom is too much. Thank god that I have such a amazing husband who totally supports me on either decision. It makes going back much easier knowing it's a "trial" period :)

So far the day hasn't started so well, though....I cried as I left my little man this morning. And in the car. Oy.

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