Friday, March 11, 2011

Always missing the action!

For a few weeks now, Nolan has been able to flip from his belly to his back. Almost every time I put him on his belly, he'd roll right over.

However, I had not *witnessed* him rolling over on from his back to his belly. I found him in his crib ~2 weeks ago on his belly, so he obviously had made the flip....of course I missed it :(
Then again this morning, I was working on his "rollover technique" with him, and he *almost* flipped from his back to his belly - but his poor little arm was stuck under him and he couldn't quite make the entire flip. So I left the room for 2 minutes (nature called!), and voila! He had done a full flip from his back to his belly, and in his "push-up" position! But, of course, I failed to witness that one, either. Sigh.

Oh well, at least I was on the premises when it happened :)

All I have to say is: Go Nolan-man! You are one amazing baby!! You make mama proud every day!!

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