Friday, December 3, 2010

Great night!

Last night was a really good night, sleep-wise! Nolan did his 8:30pm feeding, then Francis bottle-fed him at 12:00 am, then I fed him at 4:30am. Then he continued to sleep until 8:00am.
But those aren't that significant, in itself. It is that 1) after each feeding, we put him right into his crib and he didn't cry *at all* and 2) he went right back to sleep after his 4:30 am feeding. It felt amazing!

Normally, we have to spend a significant amount of time trying to put him to sleep in our arms before we can put him in the crib. That really takes away from valuable rest time! And, on top of that, he usually does not to to sleep for quite a while after his 4:30 am feeding.

God I really hope he keeps this up! Well, actually, I am hoping for him to sleep through the night really soon...but I will take this small win for now!

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