Friday, October 1, 2010

Maternity Leave...FINALLY!!!

Today marks my first day on maternity leave! God it feels good!

I have been so stressed out trying to get the temp/contractor ready at work. In addition, I have been prepping my manager and director with all the areas that I cover, just in case my temp flakes out halfway through and bails on us (believe me, I have my suspicions!).
I spent several late nights thoroughly documenting how to perform my job, all while things are dramatically changing due to a new system integration at work. Trying to learn the system myself + training someone else on how to use it = UBER FRUSTRATING. Great timing, eh?

So the day has finally come! Now it's time to pamper myself a bit before our little man arrives! (yes, yes, I will complete my to-dos-before-baby-arrives between my pamper sessions :)

Gotta jet - off to complete #1 on my checklist...pedicure! I can't have my feet looking jenky when they're straddled in stirrups during labor!

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